jacky_knife (jacky_knife) wrote,

Minimum Rage

I fucking hate my job.

Everyday, every single fucking day.

So I am a barback/bartender at this shit hole dive in the entertainment district.
The reason I got the 'slash' in my occupation is because everytime they hire some air-head, blonde bitch who doesn't even know how to make a rum and coke. I get bumped down. Apparently its extremely hard for a guy to be a bartender, no matter how much training or experience you have.

The turn over rate at my 'hole in the wall' night club is astronomical. People are quitting before they even start. I've been working there now for a year and a half because I have the 'fear' (You know, the fear of not having a job.)
I've quit and got fired from so many places before so one day I say to myself; "Jack, the next job you have your gonna stick to it."
So here I am stuck in this dead-end job scraping by on my wage because the club doesn't make enough business to generate a good tip out.

I'd like to think i'm more of a barback than a bartender when it comes to my train of thought. I fucking hate bartenders, servers or whatever. Bartenders consist of these ass-hole party fucks (mostly girls mind you) who bitch and moan about whatever is under the sky. What gets me is that most of these 'sacks of skin' have rich families or what not and have it pretty well off to begin with. They complain that they only got a hundred dollars on a slow night. Well fuck you, you goddamn half-wit! Bussers and barbacks dont even get a quarter of that and we do all the fucking work.
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