jacky_knife (jacky_knife) wrote,

Black and blue

My girlfriend Elly has been sick for a couple of days now. Bed ridden she relies on my unresponsible ass to help her. I try, but as 'try-hards'go I tend to mess things up.

I took her to the hospital this morning. We couldn't go to a clinic because it was Sunday. When we got there I checked her in and we waited two or more hours for them to call her name. During the wait we saw a number of people coming in with all sorts or injuries. One lady seemed to have been in a bike accident resulting in her breaking her shoulder. Another lady came in with a broken nose (Another bike accident.)

I fell asleep for abit on one of those awkward waiting chairs. When I woke up my neck felt like an L-shaped 'Tetris' block.
So Elly's name was called and she went in. I watched the T.V. in the waiting room to kill time, Christ, they make golf seem like people give a damn about the sport. Elly comes back out and tells me its gonna be a long wait, I tell her that I'm going back to our apartment to get a jacket (Fucking Toronto weather, doesn't know if it wants to be hot or cold these days.)

At home, I clean up the apartment and smoke like a fiend. Times like these I have; 'irrational fits' That are almost unbearable. I was angry and frustrated, I didnt know why though. Felt like popping something..

An hour later I'm back at the hospital armed with my mini-disc player and a book. The same two ladies are still there waiting and bleeding. Four hours later Elly comes out and tells me the doctor didnt really help her. That pissed me off because its like that when I go to the doctors too. You go see doctors because you need some kind of medical assistance and then they turn you away and tell you to go fuck yourself.

I had to go to the hospital once because I busted a few toes falling down some stairs. I waited in 'emergency' for three hours before anyone would take a look at it. And when those fuckers did they tell me to 'buddy tape' my toes together. BUDDY TAPE TO WHAT!? YOU FUCKING DOUCHE! ALL OF MY TOES ARE BROKEN EXCEPT FOR THE BIG TOE! No cast, no splints just goddamn tape. They kick me out and took back the cane I was using to prop myself up. The next couple of months I walked around with a limp. My index toe didnt heal correctly even after I kept trying to see a doctor.

Anyways I take Elly home and her fever went down dramatically, she still has a bit of a rash going on but maybe that'll go away.
She fell asleep and I watched 'The Aviator'. I can see why Leonardo Dicaprio won an award for playing a mentally-crippled twelve year old boy in 'Whats eating Gilbert Grape.'
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