jacky_knife (jacky_knife) wrote,

Thursday nights used to be about watching the simpsons.

I fucked up. I got off work and I fucked myself up pretty bad
Funny how I had a five day vacation and managed to to do dick all.

Right now, the streets are quiet and Im sitting here typing away at this damned computer struggling to construct sentences together

Talked to a chef named Adam, he plays bass in this awesome band called 'Cathartic'. We talked over drinks and a loud cover band at this shit-hole bar called;'The Under Ground'. Wish I was dead.

This whole week, I give a three out of ten.

Thinking about buying that new 'Jack Johnson' CD.. Dont know.. I feel like Im not being myself.
The new 'Nine Inch Nails' CD is crap.. The album 'downward spiral' got me through highschool.
This however... Maybe I did grow up. Im not that white-washed Japanese kid trying to fit into the art program anymore.

I'm breathing heavy and Ken Lloyd is sounding like Trent Reznor; "My everything,this", "Something I can call my own,that."
I converted a song today, well.. this morning anyway. Its an a acoustic piece called 'Broken Pieces'.. Im doing a punk version of it now. Crazy dont you think? Depending how you play and sing, it can totally change a song and meaning... creepy...

Anyways im drunk and a little too sketched out.

Im afraid im gonna write something personal....so..
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